If you have reached this place, it is not by chance.

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There is a great sense of peace up here. Can you feel it too?

There is peace here because in that small house you will find the answers you are looking for.

If you wish

you can enter

If you wish, you can enter and open the doors that allow access to a new awareness of yourself and to a new reality in which everything is possible and depends only on you.

You will move from one room to another and you will discover that you can change your life if you want to but bear in mind that it will be a challenging adventure.

A transformative process

Think of the similarity of the caterpillar that becomes a chrysalis and then finally a butterfly, through a transformative process that involves its whole being and then enables it to take flight, becoming light and fluid, in harmony with the Universe.

Like the caterpillar you will undergo three stages of transformation, at the end of which you will be free from the mechanics of everyday life.

Do you want to enter and change your life?

Enter and change your life

A path of profound awareness that literally changes the way of living and dealing with your life.

The rooms

The path of the low door provides you with the instrument to work directly on dissatisfaction, discomfort and even pain so that you can detach yourself from them and transmute them.

It allows us to tap into ancient knowledge that frees our lives from chance.
It is a method based on the activation of archetypes, i.e. the universal codes of living, through a story divided into as many parts as the images you see here.

Through the narration, the inner awakening is triggered and the veils that obscure knowledge are removed.

A narrative voice takes you from room to room.
Follow the story, answer the questions put to you, and you will find what you have been looking for.

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The Rules


Forget what you have learnt

You must put aside your beliefs.

Follow the voice

Follow the voice and answer the questions so that you can go on to the next level.

Change your life

As you pass through three levels of awareness, your life will gradually change.

6 reasons

why you should start this incredible journey
To shake off past conditioning
To embrace the transformation, the change
To discover how to allay your fears
To discover your essence
To discover what your talents are and learn how to use them to change your life for the Good
To discover the joy and lightness of life

Enter the House on the Hill

and change your life

Start the most incredible journey you have ever made…