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By purchasing the interactive web app of La Porta Bassa, you will be able to request a private chat with the consultant of Violet Ross Baldi, whose task is to help each of us become aware of our internal blocks, of what limits us, in order to embark on the path of La Porta Bassa with the right awareness. This type of counseling is nothing more than a reflection, which means getting to know oneself better through interaction with others.

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Others who have chosen the Low Door path have said

I had a difficult relationship with a colleague. She was always very indifferent towards me and not very helpful. Our relationship was anything but spontaneous and, frankly, it made my life difficult. Last week, as I was going into the office, I saw myself from the outside, like Carlo, and I understood that I could choose whether to carry on in the same way or apply what I had learned  and so try to involve my colleague and make her feel that she was not my rival but my ally. And so I did it, and I have to say that everything is changing for the better. Now the tension has gone, and the atmosphere is so much better. Thank you, Violet Ross. Thanks to “The House on the Hill”. I already had this potential within me but I was simply not aware of it.

Jackie Smith – Oxfordshire, UK

Hello! I would like to share my experience in the hope that it will be helpful to others. Before I got to know this path I was always looking for approval. I expressed my thoughts only if I thought they were in line with those of the others. At a certain point I didn’t know what I really wanted and it was at that moment – because everything happens for a reason – that I was told about Violet Ross’ work and I joined the House on the Hill. There I learned that I already have everything I need inside me and my certainties are within and not outside of me. Now I finally feel that a weight has been lifted!!

Abigail P. – Edimburgh, UK

For a long time I was stuck in a situation in which I was always being picked on I felt sorry for myself. I felt that I had to accept the decisions of others without having any say in anything. Carlo and his companion made me understand that only I can create my own reality, that everything depends solely and uniquely on me and that no one is a victim unless they choose to be one.

Catherine F, Bedford, UK

It was plain curiosity that made me enter the house. I bought the path because something inside me urged me to do so. I had this sort of pent up sense of dissatisfaction, a vague sense of anxiety, but I could not put my finger on the reasons for it. I sometimes asked myself: “Is this it?” “Is there something more than just this day-to day routine of living?” But starting to open the doors and having the answer to my questions was amazing.

Liam G, Columbus, Ohio

Hi, this path is simply amazing!! Its plot, the images, the questions aroused in me deep reflections. Thank you Violet!

Ashley F., Margate, UK

Hi. I didn’t know the Low Door method existed. It’s a really powerful thing! Curiosity pushed me to start the path and little by little something in me changed.
I recommend it to everyone

Paul S, Dublin, UK

Salut. Je m’appelle Michelle. J’étais sceptique au début et j’ai commencé sans m’attendre à de grandes choses. Mais ce parcours innovant a réveillé quelque chose en moi et maintenant je regarde ma vie avec des yeux différents.

Michelle D, Montreal, Canada

Hi. I entered the House on the Hill and a world opened up to me. As I listened, my perception of myself and others changed and I can say that today I am much more comfortable and spontaneous in all my relationships.

Janice B, Boston, Ma